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Use Google Public DNS with Wireless Modems

Google Public DNS is a free, fast and globally available Domain Name System resolution service which you can use as an alternative¬† to your ISP’s DNS. DNS is free important part of Internet. When you type a URL in Web Browser, its DNS server which tells your browser that given URL belongs to which IP address. If DNS is down, you will not be able to browse websites. If DNS is slow or overloaded, you websites will take more time to load.

Google Public DNS can handle many billion requests daily and it is always up. It also updates very rapidly. This article from Google explains how to change your Internet settings to use Google Public DNS. However, there are no words from Google about using Public DNS with Wireless Modems.

Using Google Public DNS with Wireless Modems or any device which don’t let you change DNS (or assign DNS automatically), is very easy. Open Command Prompt and type this command:

Replace “Wireless Network Connection 2” with your Internet Connection’s name. is Google’s Public DNS IP. You can also use

I testing this command on Huawei CDMA Modems, PTCL Evo 3G, WorldCall Wireless, Qubee USB Wireless Modem and PTCL 3G Wingle.