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Soda Player

Soda Player – Feature rich video player

Not so long ago the computer magazines were full of tips on how to download the latest movies via BitTorrent. But downloading and burning videos on DVD is now a thing of the past. Downloading is no longer necessary, thanks to services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video which let you stream movies and series in high quality to your TV or Laptop.

But not every (legal) film is on Netflix or Amazon. Sometimes you still have to use BitTorrent to watch trailers, alternative animated films or documentaries . With Soda Player you do not have to wait for files to completely downloaded. This video player can play BitTorrent files immediately while the movie is being downloaded. Soda Player supports all formats and codecs, and has a built-in proxy server to guarantee your privacy. In addition, it automatically gets matching subtitles in your language , and you can watch the movie directly on your TV via a Chromecast or Apple TV.

This program works incredibly easy. You go to a torrent site, look for the right video, copy the magnet-torrent link (often indicated with a magnet) and paste it into Soda Player. Then click Open and Soda Player immediately starts streaming. At the bottom of the screen you can easily select the right subtitles.

Soda Player is available for Microsoft Windows as well as Mac.

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