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How to use BitTorrent Sync

BitTorrent Sync is an application that copies and syncs files/folders between computers. It was introduced earlier this year and today it is released officially for public. BitTorrent Sync runs on Windows, Linux and OS X. This application uses peer-to-peer technology to transfer files which makes it very suitable for syncing gigabytes files.

If you have ever used DropBox or Google Drive, you will not have any problem using BitTorrent Sync. Its working mechanism is straightforward, installed the app on both PCs, select which folder you want to sync, provide a password or key, type this secret password into other PC and that’s it!

Here is step by step process for Microsoft Windows in details:

Go to http://labs.bittorrent.com/experiments/sync.html and download BitTorrent Sync. It is super lite, just 609Kilobytes! Installation requires couple of steps. After usual steps (such as folder path, shortcut-icons selection), setup ask if you want to run standard setup or you want to make this PC client (client PC is where shared folder is downloaded). For first PC, you need to select Standard Setup.


In Next step, you need to select folder which you want to share.


At next stage, Setup Wizard will generate a Secret Key. This Secret key will be used to sync your shared folder at other PCs. Make sure you have copied it. Click Next button and setup will take you to tour. If you want to skip tour, hit skip button and setup will finish immediately and run BitTorrent Sync.

You can see, add and remove shared folder in “Shared Folders” tab.


You can set Device Name, Listening port, Upload and Download speed limit in Preferences tab.