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Unplug Flash Drive

How to remove all traces of connected USB devices

When you connect a USB device with your PC or Laptop, Microsoft Windows secretly store information about connected USB device in Registry. This information remain in Registry even if you unplug the device. With right tool, anyone can easily access what you had connected.

If you do not want others to know that you have used a Flash Drive on a office computer, then you have to delete all references in the registry. You don’t have to do it manually because “USB Oblivion” Utility will do it for you.

USB Oblivion is opensource, freeware and portable application which means no installation is required. Just download and execute it.

USB Oblivion

To remove all traces of connected USB devices, launch USB Oblivion and simply press “Simulate” button. Please note, if you don’t want to restart your computer, make sure that you uncheck “Reboot Windows (Recommended)” checkbox. Application then shows which references it has found. If you want to permanently erase these references, check “Do real Clean (simulation Otherwise)” checkbox and click “Clean” Button. USB Oblivion will automatically create a system restore point and a backup of your registry. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you can either go back to the recovery point or double-click on the backup to restore all references.

Download USB Oblivion