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ClipAngel – Copy and Paste for advanced users

‘Copy and paste’ sounds familiar to you, and undoubtedly you have good control over Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. The Windows Clipboard is very handy, but at the same time very limited – it remembers only one item and you can not extend it. ClipAngel is an ultimate ClipBoard manager that you need.


With ClipAngel you get a lot more possibilities. ClipAngel does not even need an installation and the tool immediately settles in the Windows system tray. ClipAngel is a freeware which requires .NET Framework 4.52 or newer version to run. It is compatible with Windows  7 and newer versions of Windows.

As soon as you send an item to the Windows clipboard with Ctrl + C, ClipAngel will act as an intermediary, collect all items and save them in ClipAngel database.

You will see the collected clips when you press Alt + V. Then a window pops up with two panels: on the left the list of clips, on the right the preview of the selected clip.

By default, all clips are listed in chronological order, but you can also sort them according to keyword or data type (text, images, files). ClipAngel keep copied items in database even if you logoff or shutdown Windows.

To paste a specific clip into a document, position the cursor at the desired location first, then select the clip and paste it into your document with a double-click or via the Enter key. Of course it is also possible to remove clips from the list. Conveniently, you can mark certain clips as favorite which makes it even easier to paste them.

ClipAngel offers a few more options. It is possible to edit text in the clips or to add your own text. You can save a clip in a separate text file or image file. Text in clips can also be translated right away.

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