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How to Unlock a Lock – 4 Amazing Tips

Do you know how to unlock a lock without keys? Or did you lost your keys again? Here are 4 Amazing life hacks with Locks by LXG Design. You will be surprised to see these easy to follow tricks. No special tools are required. In fact, thing you need are …

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Use Google Public DNS with Wireless Modems

[dropcap]Google [/dropcap]Public DNS is a free, fast and globally available Domain Name System resolution service which you can use as an alternative to your ISP's DNS. DNS is free important part of Internet. When you type a URL in Web Browser, its DNS server which tells your browser that given URL belongs to which IP address. If DNS is down, you will not be able to browse websites. If DNS is slow or overloaded, you websites will take more time to load.

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How to use BitTorrent Sync

BitTorrent Sync is an application that copies and syncs files/folders between computers. It was introduced early this year and today it is released officially for public. BitTorrent Sync runs on Windows, Linux and OS X. This application uses peer-to-peer technology to transfer files which makes it very suitable for syncing gigabytes files.

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