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Get Naturally Long Hair

For centuries, long hair was the standard of beauty for women. Long lustrous female hair is rated attractive by both men and women across cultures, specially in East and South Asian culture. Growing beautiful long hair is not too difficult. However, it can not grow overnight. Hair typically only grows …

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7 Easy Tips To Make Any Guy Hotter

What makes a guy attractive? His complexion, dress, wealth, body language or something else? BuzzFeed might have an answer of these questions. According to BuzzFeed’s following video, few simple and easy to follow hacks can make a guy attractive. For example, wearing a red T-Shirt makes a guy more attractive …

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How to do Face Polish at Home

Face polish is very important for your skin and it must done once in a month if you want to maintain your glowing complexion. Face Polish or Skin Polish not only removes dead skin cells from your face and skin but also improve your complexion and keep your skin healthy. …

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