Soda Player – Feature rich video player

Soda Player

Not so long ago the computer magazines were full of tips on how to download the latest movies via BitTorrent. But downloading and burning videos on DVD is now a thing of the past. Downloading is no longer necessary, thanks to services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video which let …

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Anonymous surfing with Tails Operating System

Tails Operating System

We are constantly being watched. Advertisers monitor our surfing behavior, websites store information that can track us and social media keep our personal details. No wonder that more and more people are concerned about their privacy and looking for online anonymity. Tails is an operating system that is built with …

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ClipAngel – Copy and Paste for advanced users

Writing Pad

'Copy and paste' sounds familiar to you, and undoubtedly you have good control over Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. The Windows Clipboard is very handy, but at the same time very limited - it remembers only one item and you can not extend it. ClipAngel is an ultimate ClipBoard manager that you need.

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