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Tails Operating System

Anonymous surfing with Tails Operating System

We are constantly being watched. Advertisers monitor our surfing behavior, websites store information that can track us and social media keep our personal details. No wonder that more and more people are concerned about their privacy and looking for online anonymity.

Tails is an operating system that is built with one goal – anonymity. It ensures that you remain anonymous on the Internet. No censorship, no cookies, no trackers. You can roam freely across the web without leaving a trace.

Tails is a Linux-based system and do not require any installation. Instead you can run it from a boot-able USB Flash Drive or DVD. It’s portable nature make it very useful. If you are sitting on a public PC or in an Internet café, Tails can save you from being monitored.

By encrypting your data and not using the hard drive of the PC you are using, the system ensures that you do not leave any traces.

Using tail is not difficult but installing it on a Flash Drive or DVD is not straightforward.  You might have to read its installation manual.

Download Tails Operating System