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5 best and free magazine WordPress Themes

Selecting a WordPress theme for your website is a difficult job, specially if you are low at budget and don’t want to pay for premium theme. Unfortunately, most of the free WordPress themes are not good for professional websites and they lack many features that you find in a premium WordPress theme. But…. it does not means that every free theme is useless. Some altruistic theme designers still creates free themes that you can compare with any premium theme.

Magazine Themes are very popular among the Webmasters as they display contents sophisticatedly and provide sufficient space for ads. However, free magazine WordPress themes are rare. You will not many and those you find might not fit in your requirements. Yet, there are few free magazine themes that are beautiful, clean and best alternate to premium magazine themes. I am listing my favorite 5 free magazine WordPress themes here:



Very beautiful and clean theme. It includes many features that you will find only in premium themes. It support standard blog view and grid view. It also features a smooth and big slider on homepage.



NewsFocus is a responsive theme. It supports featured posts, slider and many short codes. There are three versions of this theme. One is free and other two are paid. In free theme, you can not remove “Sponsored link”.



Its very hard to believe that Arras is a free theme. Its amazingly sophisticated and supports 4 different layouts. I will not say anything more about this theme…go and grab it!



We sleek and clean theme. It support two-column homepage with Featured posts and normal posts. jQuery widgetized slider in the footer is also a unique feature of this theme..

Max Magazine


With over 50,000 downloads on WordPress.org, its definitely a good theme. However, its not very easy to setup. Its the only draw back I found in this theme.