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Use Google Public DNS with Wireless Modems

[dropcap]Google [/dropcap]Public DNS is a free, fast and globally available Domain Name System resolution service which you can use as an alternative to your ISP’s DNS. DNS is free important part of Internet. When you type a URL in Web Browser, its DNS server which tells your browser that given URL belongs to which IP address. If DNS is down, you will not be able to browse websites. If DNS is slow or overloaded, you websites will take more time to load.

Store thousands of files in a single self-extracting file with WinRAR

If you transfer a file of 1GB in a USB Flash drive, it will take approximately 1 or 2 minutes. But if you transfer 2000 files with the combined size of 1GB, it will take up to 5 minutes. If number of files are large, time required to transfer files will increase drastically. There are two ways to handle this situation.